How To Road trip With A Baby

Traveling with a baby can be exhausting, frustrating, annoying.. you name it.

It’s scary to think about and you want to make sure you’re more than prepared.

Traveling on a plane is one thing because you are able to hold and coddle them, whereas in a car you have to make frequent stops (damn car seat laws. JUST KIDDING).

We weren’t brave enough to embark on the excruciating 30 hour drive on our move from South Carolina to Utah, but we have taken the short 6 hour drive from Utah to Las Vegas many times.

Typically Grayson will sleep then entire car ride, but there are times when he doesn’t.

Here are our tips and what has worked for us!

  • Pack the car the night before- Your kids really not going to enjoy waiting around for you and it’s so much easier to just get in and go.
  • Dress them comfortably- Footless PJs are always best in my opinion.
  • Leave to your destination at night- We usually hit the road around 2am to make it to Vegas by 8/9am. It gives us enough time to get a few hours of sleep and keeps Grayson sleepy enough on our walk from the house to the car. From there I nurse him to sleep and transfer him into his car seat.
  • The Happy Song- Okay, so I just found out about this “scientifically proven song that calms babies down” and it’s LEGIT! You can find it on YouTube.
  • Snacks- Bring snacks for you and for the baby. This will keep you from making excess stops and you’ll get to your destination much quicker.
  • Netflix- Yes, the taboo screen time we all hate to admit we use. I don’t believe in excess screen time, however if this is going to give you a smooth ride TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.
  • Download movies/shows- Make sure to download a few things your kid enjoys because sometimes you can lose service which causes major freakout.
  • Musical toys- Grayson’s definitely been one to throw his toys across the car during a tantrum, but the one he loves most is his light up train that plays music.
  • Add time into your plans for extra stops- It’s super difficult for me to sleep in the car and I can NEVER get comfortable- just imagine how your baby feels. Don’t freak out if they won’t calm down. Instead, pull over to a rest stop or gas station. Get out, get some fresh air, walk around, nurse/feed your baby, stretch your legs, play for a while and try again.

Road trips with babies aren’t as fun as they were as a teenager, but you take it as it comes and enjoy the experience. Eventually they’ll grow out of hating it and learn to enjoy the adventure.

If you have anything special that works for you and your family, comment down below!

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