Don’t Fall Victim To The Hype

I’m not sure whats worse; being a millennial mom or constantly being on social media. Maybe both?

I’d say just about everyone has instances where they feel the need to keep up with everyone else they follow or that their life is lacking in some way.

Motherhood just lets you into this special community of women whose lives are all picture perfect…

Everyone strives to be the “Instamom”.

You know what I’m talking about.. The mom with the super airy, all white home covered in plants. The mom who’s always put together and wearing the cutest outfits. The mom whose kids entire wardrobe is from small shops.

I’m done trying to be that mom and I’m certainly done trying to keep up.

Becoming a mom has made me feel inadequate.

Not in a sense of being a lousy parent, but because of the comparison of materialistic objects.

I’ve gone through my phases, don’t get me wrong.

I’ve owned multiple baby carriers that just sat hanging on my wall, unused, for “aesthetics”.

I’ve splurged on $50 loveys that my kid literally could care less about.

I’ve bought soooo much crap that was “trending” in my mom groups JUST BECAUSE!

Now I’ve gotten to my breaking point.

I’ve lost my identity. 

I feel like I’ve been trying so hard to be this person that I’m not and to own things to fit in..


Lately I’ve taken a step back to really reflect on my life and day to day. It truly baffles me how social media brainwashed me into believing my worth was determined by how many ring slings i owned (like it was some sort of competition) or how much my son’s wooden, hand crafted toys cost. He doesn’t give a damn, he just wants the box.

Happiness and worth shouldn’t be about materialism and following the latest trends.

Stay true to yourself and don’t fall victim to the hype.

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