Our Imperfectly Perfect First Christmas

This year was our first Christmas as a family of three. We’ve been looking forward to this day for the longest.

We started our holiday on Christmas Eve. We made one of our favorite meals, Chicken Parmesan, for dinner, opened gifts and finished the night off with hot chocolate.

Seeing the smile on my boys’ faces and the simplicity of the evening was absolutely perfect.

Before bed my husband took the dogs on a walk and noticed rushing water coming from the side of our building..

We woke up to a notification that our building wouldn’t have running water all of Christmas Day and would “hopefully” be fixed on Tuesday 12/26.

We had plans for the day of cleaning up last nights dishes, laundry and cooking a nice Christmas dinner.

Since we weren’t able to use the bathroom, wash our dishes, shower, etc – we chose to get a hotel down the street with a kitchen to continue on with our holiday plans and everyday needs.

We packed up our things and all of our groceries to cook our planned dinner of rosemary chicken, scalloped potatoes and balsamic green beans and headed to the Hilton.

At this point we were excited and looking at this as a little adventure and our sons first “getaway”.

And he was having the time of his life exploring the room and taking in all of the new surroundings!

20 minutes, I kid you not, after getting to the room we received a call from the front desk saying that the room below called to complain of what sounded like running in our room.

I explained that my son was crawling around the room and that I would not restrict him from doing so.

At this point I’m pissed.

Not only are we displace from our home on Christmas Day, but now someone is complaining at 4:00pm about my son?!

I requested they change our room to the first floor to prevent any other complaints through out the night.

We got to our new room and I was immediately upset.

It was smaller, there was no tub for my son to take a bath, it smelled weird, it didn’t seem as clean. They didn’t have the pots and pans or an oven that I needed to cook our dinner (I don’t know why I expected there to be an oven? Lol)

I wanted to cry.

The night went on and my husband picked up McDonald’s (yay for it being the only place open on Christmas) and we ate our weight in candy and Doritos.

After Grayson’s nap we went to the indoor pool and can i just say- THIS BOY LOVES THE WATER!

He was having the time of his life!

After swimming and our shower we were hungry again. Ryan drove around for an hour trying to find any place open. The McDonald’s we went to earlier in the day was only serving drinks (uhm what? Lol) and everything else was closed because hi, it’s Christmas.

Ryan ended up going back to our house and picking up our leftover breakfast casserole from that morning.

We got home this afternoon.

The water and heat are still not working but expected to be repaired by the end of the day. *fingers crossed please*

I’m annoyed and just want to get back to my everyday living..

But the point of this post is-

  1. It was kind of funny so I wanted to share it.
  2. Yes, unexpected things happen in life that aren’t anyone’s fault (even on holidays.)
  3. Don’t let your expectations of a perfect holiday cloud your appreciation for how it actually went.

For my sons first Christmas, I expected everything to be perfect but it was the complete opposite.

My son didn’t know the difference.

He had the time of his life and experienced things he wouldn’t have if we had stayed home.

To see the smile on his face from opening his presents, jumping into our arms off the side of the pool ledge, to power crawling though the hotel was magical.

Our Christmas may not have been anywhere near what we had imagined or where we expected to spend it.. but we were together, spending time together and embracing the difficulties that got thrown our way.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing because my son had an incredible time and it’s something we will continue to look back on and laugh about.

Although it wasn’t ideal, it was perfect.

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