What’s Under Our Tree/ Gift Guide For Babies Under One

It’s our first Christmas as a family of three!

We decided on doing the whole “something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” gifts for our son… plus an extra from Santa.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to get for your little, or someone else’s – here’s a short gift guide!

*each item is linked below*

Copy of Gift Guide For Babies Under One.png

  1. Why & Whale Subscription Box –I found out about this little gem on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. You choose the age/gender of the child and they send you random items from small shops each month. *the December/Holiday box includes a Slumberkin! SCORE!*
  2. My First Books – We chose to add the My First 100 Words and Numbers, Colors and Shapes to our little growing library.
  3. Zutano Mittens –If you live in a cold climate like we do, these are essential for a baby. The Zutano mittens are attached by a string that laces through the coat DK they will never get lost!
  4. My Busy Town Activity Cube –I am trying to minimize the amount of “things” that Grayson has because with age, he makes larger messes. This activity cube is perfect since it has multiple toys in one. I have heard nothing but wonderful reviews about this toy so it is a must have!
  5. Tubby Todd –Another product I found out about Instagram was Tubby Todd. These bath products are all natural and great for sensitive skin. We decided we would try out their holiday scents.
  6. UGGS –I am taking full advantage of matching my son before he gets old enough to have a say! These are also one of the only pairs of winter boots for walkers that I could find in his size.


Let me know if you enjoyed this list in the comments below.

Happy Holidays everyone! 


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