Nursing a Teething Baby

The past three days have been rough to say the least.

Grayson’s two front teeth finally cut through and he’s in a tremendous amount of pain- as are my nipples. 

I always thought women were over exaggerating when they would say, “Oh, just wait until he starts getting teeth.”

I thought I had gotten lucky with my son, but I guess it was just the first time around. 

When his first two teeth cut, it was fairly easy for the both of us. He didn’t seem to be in too much pain and he had only bitten me a handful of times.

This time has been the complete opposite. 

Four sharp teeth, one agitated baby and mamas poor innocent nipples is a recipe for disasster. 

He has been fighting me to nurse. He will fight his sleepiness, cry hysterically, and instead of nursing himself to sleep like he normally would- he bites! HARD! 

We’ve tried what feels like everything. 

Essential oils, teethers, Tylenol, cold fruit, teething crackers… nothing really helps. 

I thought I had gotten past the stage of sore nipples and being scared to breastfeed- never knowing how bad it was going to hurt. I thought the days where my son didn’t want to be nursed to sleep but instead wanted to be held tightly, rocked and bounced for an hour were behind me. It’s like having a newborn all over again!

The past week has been hard for the both of us. We’re both in pain, we both can’t sleep and I feel so helpless not being able to do much to soothe my son. 

But this too shall pass. 

So if you need me- I’ll be at home with a coffee in one hand and some good ol’ nipple cream in the other. 

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