Your (Birth) Plan Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

You’re supposed to write out a birth plan? I thought you just get pregnant and then run off to the hospital to pop a baby out..

When I became pregnant that’s what I thought. Little did I know that you actually have rights, choices and a voice on how you wish to give birth.

By 34 weeks I had my birth plan completed and three copies printed out, waiting in a folder along with my Hypnobabies documents to help me through labor.

I had it all figured out.. I was going to labor at home as long as possible, take a shower and grab bagels from Panera for the nurses, my husband and myself on the way to the birth center.


My sons guess date was Jan 19, 2017. My dad and step mom came into town on Jan 20 with hopes that my son would have arrived by then. With no such luck, we enjoyed their time here anyway.

Jan 22, my husband and I decided to make dinner reservations for this little Italian spot on Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC. It seemed like a special place, one that was only open a few hours a day and required reservations. Within the first 5 minutes of being there it was the most awkward, unwelcoming experience each of us had ever encountered (which is a complete understatement, but this post isn’t about our experience with the awful restaurant). We all left extremely disrespected and upset, but found another restaurant which we ended up having an incredible time at.

At dinner my husband and dad had a few drinks because one celebration and two they were pissed from what we all just went through.

After dinner nobody wanted to go home (especially the guys) so went out to a local rock and roll bar which we found out about when my Cousins played a concert the year prior.

Keep in mind, at this point I am over 40 weeks pregnant. 

So we get to this bar which has a concert going on. We played pool, watched the show and hung out while my dad, husband and stepmom had some more drinks.

Around 11:00pm I started feeling slight contractions but didn’t think much of it since I had been experiencing Braxton hicks for weeks.

We headed home around midnight. My husband and dad were completely hammered and we sang Journey and prank called my brother on the drive.

The contractions were still present when I got home, so I figured I’d take a shower, relax a little and get to sleep.

At 5:00am I woke up and was still experiencing my contractions so I started timing them when I realized that holy crap, I was in real labor.

At 7:00am I went downstairs to wake my drunken-partied-all-night-husband up and let him know that I was in labor. He instantly jumped up with shock and excitement.

He called the midwife on call and they suggested we relax and hangout at home and to call back in a few hours when things got closer.

At noon we called back and we’re advised to make out way over to the Birth Center.


After driving over pot holes and jumps during contractions, we arrived at the Birth Center where they check my vitals and cervix. I was dilated to 6cm and was admitted.

We set up my Hypnobabies track list to play and filled the water in the tub. I labored all around my Birthing Suite for a few hours and my water hadn’t broken so they asked if I’d like for them to break it which I declined.

A few more hours in, they checked me again and I was dilated to 9cm. My cervix was swollen and they were worried that it would rupture if things didn’t progress, so they asked again if I’d like for them to break my water which at this point I agreed to.

Cat/Cow breathing through contractions to alleviate pressure on back

Once my water was broken, the labor pains increased ten fold. Most of my pain was located in my back, so they suggested sterile water injections which were supposed to ease the pressure. I highly advise against this as it felt like alcohol being poured onto an open wound and hardly helped my pain.  

Sterile water injections

My contractions were so strong that I couldn’t help but push as they were coming.
 The midwife checked me again and I was still only dilated to 9cm. I was told that the baby’s head was in acynclictic presentation, which means his head was tilted to the side rather than chin down.

I was given the options of trying out a Robozo technique to shift his body around or to be transferred to the hospital and given an epidural to relax my body and the baby.

At this point I was laboring for 19 hours. I was exhausted. I hadn’t eaten more than a honey stick all day. I gave in and accepted the transfer.

I was scared, sad and disappoint. I burst into tears. I had failed myself.

My husband drove me across the street to the hospital and we arrived around midnight. I received my epidural and rested for a few hours.

Before epidural

After epidural

Around 5:30am my midwife came back to check on me and it was time to push. 

At 6:16am on January 23, 2017, my angel came earthside.

I labored for 19 hours unmedicated and 6 hours with an epidural. I gave birth on my back instead of in a tub like I envisioned. My water didn’t naturally break. I wasn’t able to grab the bagels on my drive!

Your birth plan doesn’t always go as planned, and that’s completely okay.

At the end of the day, plans are just ideas but you and your babies health is a reality.

Photography and birth coaching credit to Jen Conway

Did your birth go as you planned? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Your (Birth) Plan Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

  1. theonlinemommyblogs says:

    Oh hun. I remember that my birth plan not going the way I wanted it too. You’re right, the important thing is that baby is here healthy and happy. Awesome topic to touch on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michelle says:

    I didn’t even -have- a birth plan with my first child. I had an idea what I wanted, but it was bare bones and my husband was questioning my decisions (to go without pain medication unless I really really decided that I needed it. Second child was the same vague non-plan. Honestly, those two deliveries couldn’t have gone much better. Third and fourth were premature and emergency c-sections where nothing the expecting mom wants matters one bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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