Welcome To Motherhood: Preparing Won’t Make You Prepared

We had been trying for a baby for about two months at this point. I was feeling a little off but thought it was mostly in my head, so my husband suggested I take a pregnancy test.

The next day while he was at work I went to the store, came home and took the test.

After spending over $200 on tests (yes, trying for a baby makes you some kind of pregnancy test psycho and I promise you testing becomes ADDICTING!), I wasn’t expecting much from this go around.

Lo and behold. TWO LINES. INSTANTLY. IMG_0824.JPG

I’ll never forget that day, May 11, 2016, or the slew of emotions that came over me. Happy, scared, ecstatic, sad, worried.

I had prepared myself for this beautiful day but why did I have so many mixed emotions?

Hormones I guess..

Ok, you just found out you’re pregnant.. what do you do?! 

As a first time mom, I had no fricken clue what I was doing.

My husband and I went to Barnes and Noble because OBVIOUSLY we needed to buy What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

We went to Babies R Us out of pure happiness just to pick out things for our sesame seed sized bundle of sells along with Palmer’s Cocobutter because I guess I thought stretch marks happened when you’re one month pregnant.

After deciding on a Midwife over an Obstetrician, we scheduled the tour of the Greenville Birth Center early June 2016. Again, at one month pregnant. (You can laugh, it’s ok).

Late August we started our registry. They give you this guide that has hundreds of items that they insist that you need. So naturally, I added them all to my registry.

The nursery was complete, we had the baby shower, we completed our Hypnobabies and breastfeeding course, our hospital bags were packed at 32 weeks.

With two months until the baby was due, we had everything we were told that we needed. We were prepared for our son to arrive. 

January 23, 2017 our son came earthside.


When we were sent home, we were scared out of our minds. We had no idea what to do or what we were doing. We were taught to “breathe baby out” but not taught how to be a parent..

We spent most of my pregnancy preparing for the materialistic aspect of parenthood rather than knowledge of what to expect.

Here we are now with countless items that our son has either never used or absolutely hates.

For us, the most important words of advice and what to expect were learned through our Baby Prep and Breastfeeding Class run by Julie Byers. I will forever be grateful for her courses and the knowledge she passed onto us. 

Moral of the story is; learn as much as you can whether it be through books, courses or however you wish. Materialistic items can be easily obtained but knowledge is power.

You can only be as prepared as you make yourself. The rest will come with time.

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