Three Cities In Two Years 

You’da thought my husband separated from the military for a reason or something.. That reason being we didn’t want to move around all the time. We wanted to settle down, plant some roots, start a family..  

I was born and raised in Las Vegas which is where I spent majority of my life. January 2015 my husband completed his eighth year serving in the US Airforce where he spent his last year in South Korea. In that year he was gone, I was living at my dads house so we could save money and all that good stuff. 

After our spontaneous vacation in March to San Juan, Puerto Rico, my husband received a job offer for a Lead position at his dream company in Greenville, SC. He was to start work in less than a month. 

Without knowing anything about the area, visiting to get an idea of what to expect, knowing a single person; he accepted the position. The next few weeks we spent searching for homes, we had no idea where to begin. 

April 25, 2015 we hit the road. I left everything I knew and traveled 30 hours to start our new chapter down south. Including all the stops the drive took 3 days. 

When we arrived to Greenville our first home was a small hotel at La Quinta on Woodruff Road. We had a list of eleven houses we were interested in so we spent the entire day looking at each of them. 

April 29 we moved into our home. 

Although I didn’t care for Greenville, SC much, this house means a lot to me. 

On May 11, 2015 we found out that I was pregnant with Grayson. This house is where I spent my entire pregnancy, where I labored, where I brought my son home to. 

Fast forward to late June 2017. 

My husband received news that he was to be transferred to Ogden, UT for work temporarily. He had the weekend to accept the offer. Upon accepting, he was told he was to start his new job July 10. 

Once again, blindsided. We had to pick up and move without any knowledge of what expect. With such short notice we didn’t have the time or resources to search for a place to live in person, so we chose an apartment online and reserved it via telephone. 

After all the stress, scattering around last minute, anger and tears; the chaos finally came to a halt. 

July 5 my husband hit the road back west, just him and the dogs. My son and I followed four days later by plane.

We’re finally here and settled in Utah. The temporary transfer is supposed to be until February 2018. I personally adore this city and all of its surroundings. I could spend the rest of my life here to be honest.. but I’m sure that’s too good to be true. 

Let’s see where they send us next year.

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